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Say Hello to your new daily routine

What are those « so special » benefits?


Retinol is mostly known for its anti-aging effects. It’s clear that its effect on skin is uncomparable to any other product.

Our Retinol Serum naturally increase your collagen production, and more collagen results to less wrinkles.

Not only can it help prevent signs of aging, but it can also drastically rewind the clock on your face and undo some of the damage you’ve done throughout the years.


Did you know this?

Before discovering his anti-aging benefits, Retinol was first branded as acne-fighting product.

By its cell turnover boost, Retinol helps the skin to breathe that naturally results to acne reducing.

Better Skin Texture

Retinol activate the cell turnover, so what does that mean for your skin?

Smoother texture. Brighter complexion. Smaller pores. Diminishing hyperpigmentation. Less dark sunspots and age spots.

Seriously, who doesn't want a smooth skin? 

These are the main benefits of Retinol, but the true list of them is endless…

Whether you’re a teenager with acne you want to say « Goodbye », or an adult starting to see lines and wrinkles, you will never regret to add La Source Retinol Serum in your daily routine.